A place for prayer.
A Poem
Published on June 23, 2007 By Hazel Target In Poetry
A heart-shaped love was what I wanted
a love to wear like a bullet-proof vest
What would I give for you?
What would I give up for you?
Anything--except my heart.
Steal away my piano--
if you love me what else matters?
Hide away my religion--
I need nothing else but you.

But the heart is an organ
throbbing with delicate need
and demands of its own.
Your love was too small
and the air and blood ran dry
until my breath caught short
and my heart siezed up.

These days I search
for a me-shaped love
to cover not just my body
but my life and my dreams.

Not this tunnel-crouching love,
not this back-bending cave passion
stimulating until suffocation.
Am I mad to imagine
love sans amputation?

on Jun 25, 2007
This was also good. Very visual writing.
on Nov 12, 2007
Very good. Thanks for posting it.