A place for prayer.
A Poem
Published on June 18, 2007 By Hazel Target In Poetry
I am always one step ahead.

At five I dreamed of ten,
PG movies, better toys
tall enough to see over counters
and finally too old for tears.

At twelve I dreamed of seventeen
cars and parties and women
wisdom equal to my decisions
and finally too old for tears.

At twenty I dream of thirty
success and a child of my own
a family and home to die for
and finally too old for tears.

But my dreams suffer
from false adversing.
I am still the same child
crying as science-set acid
burned through expectation;
I am still the teenager
crying for a first kiss wasted;

I am still a young man
a job and a lost love
just brave enough to keep dreaming
and never too old for tears.

on Jun 18, 2007
Your teardrops are just another indictment of your humanity. -
Dry your eyes and keep writing,

on Jun 18, 2007
Beautiful... Reminds me of the sorts of things I thought as I grew up. Thanks