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A Poem
Published on June 16, 2007 By Hazel Target In Poetry
Karen aka Dharmagrl,

Though I don't do much posting, I read your articles regularly. Thanks for your contributions. I wrote this poem in your honor (also posted on a similar thread by foreverserenity).

~The Hazel Target

From one who knows
birthdays are not events
but excuses, brief
exclamation points
in life's chaotic prose:

may your reflection be gentle
may your lover be close
may your indulgence be harmless
may the dreams that spur you onward
be placed within your reach;
and may those that are not
leave you in peace.

on Jun 16, 2007
This is beautiful Hazel! Happy bday again Karen!
on Jun 19, 2007
Amen. I hope it was a lovely day.
on Jun 19, 2007
Sorry I missed your bday but happy belated.