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To my Dear
Published on August 7, 2006 By Hazel Target In Dating
Missing you is a funny thing. Part of it is like having a wallpaper of you on the desktop of my head. Whenever I close everything down to switch tasks, there you are. Hi Jess, I miss you. And other times it is completely, radically different. It's like claustrophobia; you know there's air all around you and you know you can move and you know there's plenty of space and that nothing is closing in but for some reason every sensation is convincing your mind that the world is shrinking and an incredible unstoppable energy roars through your limbs and you just have to MOVE!!!

and then you feel a little silly, having punched a cabinet or made strange flailing motions for no apparent reason. But there are times--flickering, unpredictable moments--when it seems unbearable that you are anywhere but here.

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